Getting Around Malta - Transport

As soon as you arrive at the airport you have different options to get around the island. These can also be used throughout your stay.

Option 1: Public Transport

Bus Services

TIP: You might also want to create your own Tal-Linja card

Option 2: Taxis


TIP: Download Taxify on your phone and get a ride in minutes

Option 3: Own Car

Importing your car from abroad

Tip - If you have an EU driving license it’s easy to get around Malta, but keep in mind that the Maltese drive on the left! BE SAFE :)

Option 4: Cycling

Cycle with nextbike

But for any other day it’s convenient to get from one place to another with nextbike - malta public bicycle-sharing system … and you can do so for a low cost! check for more information.


Where to stay in Malta

Finding the best accommodation in Malta

Click on the markers to find out more about each locality.


Distance from GO


And if you’re thinking about importing your household goods to Malta here are some useful tips:


Need to set up a bank account?

Get prepared in advance!

The exact requirements vary from bank to bank, but in most cases, they need at the very least documentation proving who you are (ID card or passport), and a reference from your previous bank. We suggest you contact your preferred Bank in Malta before you arrive so that you can try to prepare the documents you will need.

Cash Machines

Malta has an extensive network of ATMs. Use the locator tool below to find one in your network area.

Mobile Banking

You can also have the option to manage your banking accounts whilst on the move.

Education in Malta

Will your kids be joining you? You can find useful information about our Educational system:

Grade From: 1
Grade To: 6
Ages: 5 - 11
Years: 6

Grade From: 11
Grade To: 12
Ages: 16 - 18
Years: 2

Ages: 16 - 20
Years: 4

The Bachelor's Degree is obtained in three to five years depending on the field of study.

The second stage leads to the award of a Master's Degree or a Postgraduate diploma after a period of one or two years of study.

The third stage leads, after at least three years of study following the award of a Master's Degree, to the Doctor's Degree. Candidates are required to submit a thesis after a period of research on an approved topic.

Our Traditional Food

If you're looking for something yummy for your tummy, you've come to the right island! Forget diets, have a look at our traditional food!

and for a Maltese small snack


Got hungry? You can find a list of the best 40 restaurants in Malta!
But we’re pretty sure that you can find more when you’re roaming around the island.


Maxokk Bakery

Having a Good Time

For the young and the young at heart

You can find different adventurous things to do in Malta with your family, friends and kids.


*Special discounts apply to GO Employees

Which Beach

There are different beaches in Malta, Gozo and Comino. If you love spending the day at the beach, relaxing and getting a great tan, have a look at the top 10 beaches around the island! And if you would like to go to the perfect beach every time, go on or download the app!


Photo Credits: Joseph Borg (Senior Technical Architect – GO)

For the party people

Nothing makes for a better evening out than having a drink with your friends. Want to know where you can have a great time during the night in Malta? We’ve given you different options according to your tastes.


If you’d rather dance your night away we have great places that you should definitely visit. For sure you have to get to Paceville… that’s where all the parties and drinking happens on the island throughout the year!

Wine bars and restaurants in Valletta

If you’d rather enjoy your evening in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere you can visit Valletta where there are different wine-bars and restaurants.

Wine bars and restaurants in Sliema

You can also opt to visit Sliema in the evening where you can enjoy some good wine, cocktails and some yummy food.

Where to go in the summer season

What about our Sister Islands?

And once you’re in Malta we recommend you visit Gozo and Comino!

And once you're in Malta you definitely have to visit Gozo and Comino!


Photo Credits: John Paul Bonanno (Team Leader - Customer Experience Operations – GO)

Our Maltese Language

The Maltese Language

Get to know more about this language!

Get to know about the cost of living

And finally, before relocating to Malta you need to understand the cost of living when compared to other countries around the world.